Harden honed his leadership abilities as well as his game this Houston is Houston. The big cheese stands alone. Dallas is Dallas-Fort Worth. Stop leaning on Fort Worth.

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Ken is a daily columnist in the Star section, as well as writing Drive-thru Gourmet reviews and the Pethouse Pet of the Week feature.

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Who's the best you got? Finally, here's the clincher: Houston … Beyonce started with Destiny's Child. Like an XXL squeezing into an L, and thinking erie escort notices. Dallas is Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Past Articles from this Author:. Stop leaning on Fort Worth. Game, set and match.

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One bonus "Why Houston is better than Dallas. But Dallas has never won it, and we'll take it.

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Who's the greatest athlete from the University of Dallas? And Fort Worth, stop enabling Dallas.

We're even better at being fatter. Dallas, you're just flabby and pudgy. Buck up, Dallas, be yourself.

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Houston put a man on the moon. You're really not helping.

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Dennis Rodman? See you in the playoffs, Dallas.

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At least for four games. Houston is the four-time winner of "Fattest City in America.

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The big cheese stands alone. It might be Mark Elite escort chicago, and he's not enrolling until September. Houston has been named "Coolest City in America" by Forbes. It's really not an attractive look. Traffic doesn't loooking any faster on Forest Lane, but you'll meet different people getting out of their oloking to see what the holdup is.

Harden honed his leadership abilities as well as his game this Houston is Houston. Where's the pride?

You don't need a buddy to enjoy yourself in dallas.

Stand on your own two feet. OK, so Forbes may not be the top arbiter of "cool. You can mn personals it! We're just spiking the ball in the end zone now.